I Transfer my photos to wood and do an art exhibition about it

How to transfer your photos to wood?

1. You'll need some "Foto Transfer Medium" glue.

You can find easily in any art & craft shop. Otherwise, just order it on Amazon here:

2.  Open any Photo or Image Editor, and apply "mirror" effect on your photo

In order to have the photo in the good sens after gluing it.

3.  Print your photo with any LASER printer

Inkjet printer gives poor results most of time

4.  Follow this step-by-step tutorial to understand how to transfer your photo on wood!

It's the same I followed to create mine !

5. Turn the result into a nice exhibition in your local business !

After i transferred my photos into wood, i propose to a local lounge bar to do an exhibition about it. – Yes, so cool! My goal with this process was to give life to my photography. People are more likely to buy a beautifully framed piece of wood than “just” printed photography.

I tried to play with the different woods I could find. Also, it allowed me to create an exhibition with a little budget since all the wood I use were recycled from the beach.

For this exhibition, I chose to frame them in a handmade black frame that was matching the decoration of the bar, so they look perfectly fitted for the place.

Liked it ? Discover the inauguration day in video!

▷ Where ?

  • FNC291 Bar, Funchal
  • Madeira Island,  Portugal

▷ Credits :

Christian GOLD 6 Benjamin BEGIN Exhibition Flyer

Art Exhibition x Christian Gold - Art Center Caravel

Art Exhibition featured graphic designer Christian Gold

The idea was simple ! Christian and me mixed photography and drawings ! Then we transfer the result on wood for even more of that vintage effect that we both love so much

▷ Where ?

  • Art Center Caravel
    Madeira Island,  Portugal

▷ Credits :

  • TEASING VIDEO:  Gillez Bzhr
  • OPENING DAY VIDEO:  Kenneth Kemp

How we promote the event

We create a little video for social medias in order to spread the word about our exhibition
Credit : Gilles BZHR

Want to know more about the concept ?

Check what local Chanel "RTP Madeira" said about it !

Video of our art exhibition inauguration day !

Art Exhibition | BONUS !

How we find the idea. Conversation between Christian and me and how we create this exhibition.


An exhibition about (fake) vintage ads of Madeira

A collection of vintage Ads promoting symbols of Madeira Island. A mix of techniques, between serigraphs, drawing and Photoshop skills.

▷ Where ?

Well Com Bar, Funchal
Madeira Island,  Portugal

▷ Credits :

 VIDEO BY : Rodolfo Fernandes
 DJ : Gillez Bzhr


My first proper exhibition in a museum !

Six full months to plan, organise and create this event. I used a handmade technique of transferring printed photography to wood (but can it can be on anything you want, check on youtube.

▷ Where ?

Well Com Bar, Funchal
Madeira Island,  Portugal

▷ Credits :

 VIDEO BY : Rodolfo Fernandes

 DJ : Gillez Bzhr

One of my priorities when creating an exhibition is to make the most of recycling materials. And most of the times it makes me save money too. I went to the beach after a big storm. I went to the recycling centre in my city. I did everything to find material, and then I create all the wood background I needed to transfer my photos.

I send up with 34 pieces, and more than 200 magnets done for the occasion. I like the idea that everyone could buy something here, so it was important for me to have all range of prices. My biggest piece was a 150 cm x 50 cm panoramic Funchal rooftops. I loved the result.