My first proper exhibition in a museum !

Six full months to plan, organise and create this event. I used a handmade technique of transferring printed photography to wood (but can it can be on anything you want, check on youtube.

▷ Where ?

Well Com Bar, FunchalMadeira Island,  Portugal

▷ Credits :

 VIDEO BY : Rodolfo Fernandes

 DJ : Gillez Bzhr

One of my priorities when creating an exhibition is to make the most of recycling materials. And most of the times it makes me save money too. I went to the beach after a big storm. I went to the recycling centre in my city. I did everything to find material, and then I create all the wood background I needed to transfer my photos.

I send up with 34 pieces, and more than 200 magnets done for the occasion. I like the idea that everyone could buy something here, so it was important for me to have all range of prices. My biggest piece was a 150 cm x 50 cm panoramic Funchal rooftops. I loved the result.