Are you on holidays in Madeira ? Lucky you ! But, even if you plan everything before to come, weather in Madeira is unpredictable.

In order to realise all the activities you expected, here is my little tip to get the best of Madeira, every time. When i’m programming my photo tours with clients (Click here to know more) i always check Madeira’s webcams and adapt my trip and make sure i get the best photos.

In Madeira Island there are webcams scattered throughout the various geographical points. This way you can watch what is the weather on the island live! Since it always have sun somewhere in Madeira, you can adapt your program depending the place you wanted to visit.

For exemple, if you plan to go Pico do Arieiro, you better check before and make sure the webcam show a clear sky. You can see on this website how’s the weather look like (LIVE), check also the last 24H time lapse, and many other options. Fantastic isn’t it?