About this photo shooting with Mennel:

Sometimes good timing, a little luck, and a pinch of magic is what you need. I  found yourself in the middle of a field of flowers photographing a star. Actually, when I saw that Mennel was in Madeira, I just sent her a message on Instagram.

Lucky me, I got an answer. I went to meet her as stressed out as I could be for any other session. I the end I just met another artist who lives only for her art and in a totally free way. It was a great experience indeed. And i’m very proud of the result.

In the end, a great experience and here’s the best of it. Thank you again Mennel !


Santa Catarina Park in Funchal

Santa Catarina Park is a large park located right in the centre of Funchal. With large green areas, it is ideal for family and friends.
For photography, you will find many spots with a great view over the bay of Funchal. It is also an interesting place to watch the new year fireworks.


Monte Tropical Garden - Funchal

For me, the tropical garden in Funchal is a must see in Madeira. In fact it is one of my top 10 favourite spots on the island, as mentioned in this article.
Normally there is an entrance fee, but there is a small free plot of land that you will find under the stone bridge when you get to the garden.