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5 Ways To Increase Your Instagram Growth Today

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When it comes to Instagram growth, these are some of the most effective ways of drastically stepping up your game
Regardless of the stage or “niche” your page is in:

1- Refine your profile

Tip 1 - Refine your page profile

Your page’s profile is the first thing that everyone will see.

If it’s confusing or unattractive, the likelihood of your page visitors turning into new followers is dramatically lower than if you have a good looking logo. A bio that is succinct and that fully resonates with your niche.  It needs to clearly define what your audience can expect if they follow you.

2- Engage and interact with your community / audience

If you don’t engage with your audience on a daily basis, you’re missing out on that extra engagement that will play a major role towards your page’s growth, by replying to their comments and dm’s, which also enhances your page’s health score.

Tip 2 - Engage and connect with your audience

By engaging with your audience, you will also deepen your connection on a mutual level, which helps you form a sense of community around your page, being an essential part of Instagram growth.

3 - Use Instagram’s features in your favor

If you’re not using Instagram’s features every day, you’re missing out on that extra reach and engagement that will have a massive effect on your page’s performance in the mid to long run.

Tip 3 - Use Instagram’s features in your favor

You’re also wasting the opportunity of enhancing your page’s health score, as Instagram benefits pages that use their features to the max. Make sure you use your stories, IGTV, and post the right way.

4- Incite your audience to turn on post notifications

You can rather do this by adding a CTA in that sense on your posts or on your stories.

By doing so, your current followers will be able to get a notification every time you post. It will consequently increase your reach and engagement from “Home”, leading to higher initial engagement levels.

That is a absolute fundamental if you want that your post’s ranking on hashtags and features on the explore page.

Tip 4 - Incite your audience to turn on post notifications

5 - Deepen your connection with your community through Instagram stories

Count your audience in – let them engage and interact with your stories.

Not only will they appreciate the fact that you’re making room for them to interact with your page, but you’ll also increase your engagement levels.  It will also result in a drastic improvement of your page’s overall performance.

Be creative and try to use different types of polls, Quizzes, ask me a question, etc.

Tip 5 - Deepen your connection with your audience through Instagram stories

Also, use your stories as the background of your page. Your feed should be the place in which you should showcase highlights, as the “face” of your page. Your stories should serve as the “behind the scenes”. Maybe a bit less perfected content that doesn’t have a place on your main wall.

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I Transfer my photos to wood and do an art exhibition about it

How to transfer your photos to wood?

1. You'll need some "Foto Transfer Medium" glue.

You can find easily in any art & craft shop. Otherwise, just order it on Amazon here:

2.  Open any Photo or Image Editor, and apply "mirror" effect on your photo

In order to have the photo in the good sens after gluing it.

3.  Print your photo with any LASER printer

Inkjet printer gives poor results most of time

4.  Follow this step-by-step tutorial to understand how to transfer your photo on wood!

It's the same I followed to create mine !

5. Turn the result into a nice exhibition in your local business !

After i transferred my photos into wood, i propose to a local lounge bar to do an exhibition about it. – Yes, so cool! My goal with this process was to give life to my photography. People are more likely to buy a beautifully framed piece of wood than “just” printed photography.

I tried to play with the different woods I could find. Also, it allowed me to create an exhibition with a little budget since all the wood I use were recycled from the beach.

For this exhibition, I chose to frame them in a handmade black frame that was matching the decoration of the bar, so they look perfectly fitted for the place.

Liked it ? Discover the inauguration day in video!

▷ Where ?

  • FNC291 Bar, Funchal
  • Madeira Island,  Portugal

▷ Credits :

36 mobile wallpapers to download for free


36 mobile wallpapers (HD)

Tired of your mobile wallpapers ? Here is a list of my favourite “portrait” format, so you can have all the fun to change your homescreen background. Hope you like them! Just click on any photo you like, then press long to save into your phone!

Click to open, then “save image as”