“Wedding photographers can differentiate themselves in many ways. One of them is keeping a blog with information that can help the bride and groom. Since you are a photographer and you are in contact with a whole range of professionals in the area, your expertise is worth something.

Do not hesitate to share your favorite spots for engagement sessions, your top names, the most creative florists, etc… Don’t forget also to share your posts on Pinterest, because it’s THE place where brides and grooms goes to find inspiration.

Also keep in mind that you can share these blog posts in local groups or even directly as a private message on Instagram to potential clients. Indeed, they remain a great way to open a discussion while helping your future clients”

25 Blog post ideas for wedding photographers


1. Best Wedding Florists + Insert your city

Try to list the best florists in your city by giving price range, address, telephone etc. Use Google Map to find some around you if needed. If you want to go further in your work, also think that you can leave a review on Google, Facebook etc  to all the florists you recommend. Review as a professional and post your photos of the flowers you did during weddings. It’s one more way to spread your name.

2. Top Wedding DJs + insert your city 

You might know which are the good DJ’s in your city. If you have some to advice, it’s a good way to help people !

3. Top Wedding Venues in insert your city

This one is big! Yes, because you did some many weddings, in so many places, you know for sure dream venues, original venues and else. Don’t forget to add all the information to contact them ! And once again, don’t hesitate to go on google map and give a review to all the venue you photograph with your professional eye. This is value for them too ! If you have some picture of the venue from past weddings, it’s a good place to share them too. It’s a way of doing SEO

4 . Tips to Choose Ceremony Time 

Once again, your experience in managing the time on a wedding day is really valuable.

5. How to Prepare for “Getting Ready” Photos

You can be very creative on this one. If I had to give ONE advice on such a post, it o«would be for the bride to think about a pair of sneakers !

6. List of Items for Detail Photos

Always good to remind brides and grooms to list the photos they don’t want to miss and that matter for them

7.  Reasons to Have a 2nd Photographer

With this blog post you can encourage your future and potential client to upgrade their package by giving good reason to book 2 photographers.

8. Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer 

This is very good blog post to have for your global SEO, ANYWAY

9. Reasons to Have a First Look

Those photos are always very emotional. Don’t miss any by educating your customers with a nice post about it.

10. Best First Look Reactions

11. Best First Dance Photos

12. The Best Bouquets 

13. Interview a Florist

Questions to Ask a Wedding Florist. Why not even hosting a podcast if you fill more comfortable with voice than writing ! Podcasting is very cheap to set up. More than video or blogging (if you don’t’t like to write)

14. Makeup Artist – Tips for Perfect Skin for Photos 

They are easy to find on Instagram and bring lots of attention though their work. Make sure you talk about the talented Wedding Makeup Artists in your area.

15. What to Wear for XXX Session 

Think about it and avoid bad surprises at your engagement session by writing a tips blog post about what to avoid to wear during a session. Make it a PDF, and send it to your clients as a welcome guide when they just book!

16. Top XXX Location in + Insert your location

That’s a classic blog post to have on your blog. You’ll have all the pleasure to share it on Instagram to so many people that visit your country or region. And it’s very shareable content.

17. Top Places to Elope in + Insert your location

Same as before, but more elopement oriented

18. Advice from past clients

Word of mouth is still working in 2020! If your clients said something important or interesting, it might interest a lot your futurs reader and potential clients.

19. My Journey as a + Insert your niche

The behind the scene things are always interesting people, make it beautiful and easy to read.

20. What I pack for + Insert session type or wedding

This one is good to get natural traffic from other photographers

21. Tips to Include Dogs at XXX Session 

Showing you are pet friendly can be a great start of a conversation. Animals matter a lot

22. Day In the Life of a + Insert your niche

23. Best Business Advice You’ve Ever Received 

24. Business Tools You Can’t Live Without

25. Workflow Tip